Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My week

Well my week has been busy my son had baseball practice on sunday at 3:00 we where at the ball park until 5:00 . He is getting better at hitting the ball . I am so glad he likes playing . WE came home and he went swimming for a little while . I cooked supper for him he said he was ready to eat. We watch a little TV and he got ready for bed . He didn't want to go to bed but I made he . It started raining so I couldn't watch True Blood like I wanted to . Oh well I might get to watch it later. We had a baseball game Monday night at 6:00 but we had to be there at 5:30 . They won again they have another game Thursday night at 6:00 . Got open house tonight at 7:00 I think he is going to want to go. Well got to go get him at school see you all in class.


  1. Kids' energy never ceases to amaze me! After swimming and baseball, and he still isn't tired?!?!?!

  2. No Barb he wasn't some times I wonder how he can keep going . Wish i had his energy.