Friday, October 1, 2010

The Last week .

It doesn't seem like it's been 10 weeks , but I guess it has . I had fun in this class this term . I think I liked it better than comp 1 . I was fun doing the blog I had never done one before . This term I learned so much about how to write a better paper . I liked finding my own topic to write about . It made it easier to write the paper . I found so much stuff on topic I didn't know witch way to take my paper . I did make up my mind and I hope I got every thing I needed to write a good paper. I enjoyed the feedback I got for the class and Professor Barb . I think that helped me with my paper . I have also enjoyed all the seminar we had I learned a lot from them . I am going to miss this class I wish all my class mates good luck with the rest of their time at Kaplan . I just wish we could have gotten the new text book so i will have it later to use in my other classes . I think I did a better job in comp 2 than I did in comp 1 . Well good bye every one maybe some of us will have other classes together . Thank you Barb I really like your class .