Monday, September 20, 2010

This week Unit 8

Well spent the weekend working on my paper . Thought the week would start off good cause I had a good weekend . Well my friend asked me to help her get some stuff from the house she lived in with this guy. She has been moved out for over 5 months now and she still has some things there . Well when we got there he had changed to locks on the front door , so we had to go around back . Well I stepped in a hole and hurt my ankle. I made it to the back and sat on the steps and I passed out . I got my dad to drive me to the doctors and the doctor told me I had a bad sprain . This is the second time I have sprained that ankle . I was my right ankle I didn't know if I would be able to drive , but I did it hurt to do it . The doctor didn't take X-rays of it at all . I told him I hear a popping sound when my foot went side ways , but he doesn't think I did any thing bad to it . I went to pick my son up form school he wouldn't let me do any thing when we got home . He told me I didn't need to cook I needed to sit down. We got to go sit some where else and put my foot up it's starting to hurt . See everyone in class .I can't believe this well be our next to the last week .WoW

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  1. Angie - How is the ankle now? I hope it's better - if not, get it x-rayed! I also have a bad right foot - I am always breaking, spraining, you name it.