Monday, September 6, 2010

My week

I thought the week was going to start of good last week but I was wrong . My son got sick on Wednesday he had strep throat . Then by Friday I had it too . I have felt so bad all weekend long . Wish I would start feeling better . I don't feeling like working on any of my school work just want to lay down and sleep . I am glad I got my first draft done before I got sick . I just have to work on some things for my other class now . Hope everyone is having a good labor day . See you all in class I can believe we will be in unit 7 this week it seems like we just started .


  1. Angie,

    I am sorry to hear that your son had gotten sick with strept throat and then you eneded up getting it I hope the both of you are feeling better! I can't believe that we will be in unit 7 this week either but I am happy that the classes are moving along because I cannot wait to be back out of school and have a degree! Hope you had a good labor day as well. See you soon in seminar and on the DB.


  2. Angie - those days of getting sick with your child are awful! I hope you're both doing better!

  3. Tarah I am better I had a sinus infection too. I know unit 7 is all most over and I will be ready to get out of school myself . I have been out of work for almost a year now and I feel like I am going to go crazy . I am so ready to go back to work I have been looking for a job and doing my school work . I hated being sick but I am a lot better I made to many mistakes on my draft . I hope I can fix them now I am better see you in class.